Julian Scordato


He is a composer of experimental music and artist who works mainly with digital sound and graphics. He studied composition and electronic music at the Conservatory of Venice and sound art at the University of Barcelona. Research assistant in communication design at SaMPL - Sound and Music Processing Lab of the Conservatory of Padua, he is a co-founding member of the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble. As a technologist, Scordato has written articles and presented results related to interactive systems for music performance and graphic notation in conferences and master classes. He has worked as a professor of electronic music in several Italian institutions and currently holds the Chair of electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatory of Padua. His award-winning electroacoustic and audiovisual works have been performed and exhibited in international festivals and renowned institutions.

Sobre la pieza: This work begins from the exploration of an imaginary celestial space which is translated into sound space. How does each celestial sphere – starting from its manifestation as a unit – interact with the cosmos where it belongs? How does it react to its law? How does it transform itself integrating with the system, until the loss of identity? In contrast with that process, the constellations act underlining the bodies in their uniqueness by means of creation of symbolic links: beyond their meaning, they stand as a classification and articulation device of the individual within the system.

Coordinate GPS (DD): 45.957896 12.668259

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